Hi, welcome to Warnas.net!
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You may already have noticed this site is mainly in Dutch. What with me being Dutch, living in Holland and being fluent in that language, it seemed an obvious choice. I didn't do it just to piss you off, I assure you.

There are, however, a few articles in English scattered about on my website:

That's it, really. There used to be more, but I took those sections offline years ago. They were seriously out of date.

If you would like to hire me for anything that involves radio, movie reviews, voice-over work or funny articles in English, feel free to contact me. Not that I ever expect anyone to take me up on this, based on this one page, mind you. I do have a sense of perspective, I assure you. But then again, I do all those things for a living, specifically voice-over work. You may want to visit voiceover.warnas.com, easyvoiceoverguy.com or bitcoinvoiceover.com just to see some nice clips.

Now, if you could read or understand Dutch you would also be able to read my comedy movie reviews (over 700 as of Oktober 2006), listen to one of my many (about movies, opera, Podcasting and above all: myself), and access my weblog with dozens of columns and assorted goofy shit. You could also visit my Dutch voice-over websites, like spreekstem.nl, tekstlateninspreken.nl and topvoiceover.nl.

If you would like to learn Dutch, this is as good a place as any to start: http://www.learndutch.org. (I am not affiliated with this site.)
If you're not sure learning Dutch is worth the trouble, consider this book: http://www.undutchables.com. (I don't particularly like this book, it is rather rude and grossly inaccurate, but you might like it.)

"So what's up with the monk on the previous page?", you ask. Yes you did. Or you should have.

Nothing much. There is an expression in Dutch, 'monnikenwerk'. Monks work is any kind of job that is tedious, thankless, repetitive and takes bloody ages to complete. So this website is 100% monks work for me.

If you feel the need to communicate with me, mail me at the address below. Try not to write a subject line that I might mistake for spam (I tend to get mail in Dutch so most mail in English is suspicious) and I'll get back to you. No really!